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Ford is using space robot telematics to improve its cars' technology

Ford Studies Space Robots to Improve Connected-Car Technology

What we say next sounds like something out of a science fiction book or James Bond film. After teaming up with Russian scientists, Ford Motor Company has reached the final stage of its large-scale project to use space-robot telematics to create the ultimate in connective technology. The plan is to use this newfound data to improve vehicle communication features in a major way.

To improve its cars' technology, Ford is studying telematics used to contact robots in space.

Image credit: Ford


Rebirth of an Icon: The 2016 Ford Focus RS Documentary

It’s not an easy task to take a vehicle from family-focused hatchback to high-octane hotrod. Building any new vehicle takes a lot of work by people with very different skillsets working as a team, and this was a special case. That’s why Ford brought a camera along for the ride to record the process, compiling footage and turning it into a special documentary called “Rebirth of an Icon.”


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