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Ford Drugged Driving Suit

Ford Creates Unique Drugged Driving Suit to Educate New Drivers

For years, car manufacturers, schools and nonprofit organizations have tried to decrease instances of drunk driving through educational programs and events. While it’s essential that we give attention to this rampant issue, Ford has decided to target an additional safety problem that we face on the roads: driving under the influence of drugs besides alcohol.


Ford SYNC Connect

Link Your Smartphone and Car with the New Ford SYNC Connect App

Ford SYNC ConnectThese days, we use smartphones in almost every facet of our lives. From banking and using social media to making traditional phone calls and taking photos, there isn’t much that your phone can’t do. Ford is taking this utility to the next level with SYNC Connect, which will debut early next year in the 2017 Ford Escape. Ford announced the new program this month at the Connected Car Expo and LA Auto Show. (more…)

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