Peanut butter and jelly. Fork and knife. Pen and paper. Country and trucks. There are some things that simply belong together, things that lose some of their potency when taken apart. That’s why it’s only natural that Ford Trucks, master of the modern pickup, and Pandora Radio, Internet radio powerhouse, join forces to create the ultimate exploration of country music in the U.S.

Ranch hands pose with Ford Super Duty pickup truck

Dubbed “Country Built,” this new series seeks to spotlight the rich history and emotional roots of Country and Western music. Certain up-and-coming artists and genre pioneers will receive the spotlight, while musical legends of old are rightfully celebrated. The experience is made up of themed mixtapes, enlightening interviews, behind-the-scenes video clips and live performances.

An episodic radio program will be hosted and narrated by songwriter Otis Gibbs, guiding listeners through an exploration of the legacy and impact of the massive musical genre and recounting some of its most famous tales. Other contributors include staff of the Musician’s Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, celebrated authors and journalists and many more.

“Many of our truck customers enjoy and identify with Country music. Ford F-Series is celebrating 66 years of heritage and highlighting Country music from its early days through today is the perfect way to also celebrate these customers,” said Doug Scott, Ford Truck Group Marketing Manager, in a release.

We think this is really a match made in heaven — who could better create the ultimate C&W station than Pandora and Ford? Check out the Country Built station now to give it a listen, and pay a visit to George Coleman Ford the next time you want to go for a musical journey in a brand-new truck!