You might recall that Ford was planning to air a documentary about the design and construction of the all-new Ford Focus RS. The documentary, called “Rebirth of an Icon,” would be released in eight individual parts, or “episodes,” with the first set for release on September 30. This past Wednesday, the second installment premiered, titled “Design and Development,” on the Ford Performance website.

In this video, Ford takes us along as Gymkhana and Ford rally superstar Ken Block puts the newly designed Ford Focus RS through its paces. The episode focuses on the designers working on the Focus and on the crash testing that the car must go through. The European team, headed by Joel Piaskowski, began the transition from working primarily with clay models of the new RS to tinkering with the real deal. The second episode of “Rebirth of an Icon” is a great watch for anyone interested in product development and automobiles in general. It provides viewers with a cool behind-the-scenes look into the many considerations that go into crafting a modern vehicle and a glimpse into the minds of the talented design team. Plus, you get another chance to check out the slick Ford Focus RS in motion!

If you missed the first episode of the documentary series, you can get caught up by watching it here. The third episode will likely be released next Wednesday, October 14, so keep an eye on the Ford Performance website. We’re sure the next installment will be well worth a watch!