Ford Intelligent Speed Limiter visualization

No one likes getting pulled over by police because they didn’t see the speed limit signs and were driving faster than the law allows. Ford has always focused on simplifying drivers’ experiences on the road and in adopting the latest and greatest automotive features, which is why it’s offering up a solution. The automaker just announced a brand-new type of driver-assistive technology called the Intelligent Speed Limiter, and it’s definitely worth a look.

The Intelligent Speed Limiter is slated to appear first on Ford S-Max models debuting in Europe. Using a windshield-mounted camera, the feature can scan road signs as you drive and adjust your speed to match. If you enter a 20 mph area, your Ford will automatically reduce its velocity to meet the limit. This is made possible by limiting the amount of fuel being delivered to the engine, rather than through any sort of automatic brakes. If you’re descending down a hill, the vehicle will detect the increase in speed and alert you to slow down.

There’s no need to worry about your ability to pick up speed using the Intelligent Speed Limiter, though. If you do need to speed up again, the system can be completely turned off with the push of a button or it can be temporarily overridden by firmly hitting the gas. It’s a smart, sophisticated system that has the potential to reduce your chances of getting a speeding ticket and keep you safe on the road. It also goes a long way towards making us feel like we’re living in those futures we see in science-fiction movies – the futures with self-driving cars!