For the engineers at Ford, it’s just another day, another innovation, but for pickup truck fans and South Carolina residents fond of outdoor activities, this next bit of news is a pretty big deal. Ford is touting their brand-new trailer-towing technology, Pro Trailer Backup Assist, which allows you to easily pilot your vehicle with just two fingers.

This new trailering technology works through the use of a special dial in the center console. It taps into the vehicle’s electric power steering and makes use of a black-and-white sticker applied to the hitch, which the rearview camera reads to track trailer movement. The also user inputs a couple of quick measurements to train the system to use your particular trailer.

Once that is done, you can simply turn a knob and monitor your movement through the rearview camera in the console to see the direction you’re reversing in. You’ll twist to the left or right to position your trailer accordingly, and the system will automatically handle steering, acceleration and braking. In a nutshell, you turn the dial, watch the screen, guide your payload where it needs to be and then unhitch it to put it to use.

Ford has been working on the Pro Trailer Backup Assist system for five years now, and it will be usable for the first time in the brand-new 2016 Ford F-150. It’s a logical choice, given the Ford F-series’ long history of rock-solid dependability and mighty hauling performance, as well as the F-150’s significant popularity nationwide.

The days of awkwardly maneuvering your vehicle left and right as you back your boat up to the water or making sixteen-point turns just to park your trailer correctly will soon be long gone! So, Ford fans: how do you like the Pro Trailer Backup Assist? Do you think this technology will be popular enough to spread to other Ford models in the future?  Keep an eye out for news about when the 2016 Ford F-150 arrives at our Travelers Rest, SC, Ford dealership so you can check it out in person!