Ford SYNC ConnectThese days, we use smartphones in almost every facet of our lives. From banking and using social media to making traditional phone calls and taking photos, there isn’t much that your phone can’t do. Ford is taking this utility to the next level with SYNC Connect, which will debut early next year in the 2017 Ford Escape. Ford announced the new program this month at the Connected Car Expo and LA Auto Show.

As an evolution of the current SYNC technology that’s available in newer Ford models, SYNC Connect takes smartphone integration one step further. While regular SYNC allows drivers to use voice-activated technology, it’s not nearly as cutting-edge as SYNC Connect.

You may be wondering what Ford SYNC Connect adds to your driving experience. With this program, you can control several of your car’s functions remotely using your smartphone. Whether you want to unlock or lock your car, figure out where you parked with the app’s map or start the car from inside your home, SYNC Connect is there for you. There’s even a future start feature, which allows you to program the Ford vehicle to turn on at a certain time. Imagine entering a warm car in the morning without even pressing a button! You can also check on your vehicle’s fuel, oil, battery and tire pressure levels using Ford SYNC Connect.

According to a statementby Ford, SYNC Connect is a building block of Ford Smart Mobility. This is what Ford calls its general plan for next-level technology in its cars, from connectivity and mobility to autonomous vehicles and the use of big data.

Although SYNC Connect isn’t available yet, we have many vehicles to suit your wants and needs at our Ford dealership near Anderson, SC. Stop by and peruse our inventory today!